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Web Media
""Elegance, National Identity and Urban Glamor""
An Interview with Santiago Gallo, Creative Director at Gaucho - Buenos Aires
Revista Brooke - May 04, 2019
"Gaucho is among the most interesting brands on the Argentinian scene that showed at Designer's BA."
Fashion Week: Designers BA Autunno Inverno 2019 2020
Vogue Italia - April 01, 2019
"Gaucho Buenos Aires, the new luxury fashion brand from Argentina, presents its second collection at Designers BA Fashion Week."
Gaucho - Buenos Aires @ Designers BA
Revista Brooke - March 20, 2019
"Scott Mathis’ Algodon Group presents its fashion and leather accessories brand Gaucho – Buenos Aires. With the promising young designers Santiago Gallo and Carmen Vils, this new luxury Argentine brand reinterprets a national icon to make it chic and global."
Gaucho: The Spirit of Argentina for Export
Forbes Argentina - December 21, 2018
" A combination of past eras, and an added sophisticated, contemporary and global look, introduces Argentina to the world of clothing and accessories created from a meticulous and dedicated work."
Gaucho - Buenos Aires has arrived, a new Argentine luxury brand
Loqueva - October 31, 2018
"With the motto "The Spirit of Argentina", a new luxury brand comes to Buenos Aires from Buenos Aires to the world."
El espíritu argentino by Gaucho - Buenos Aires
NISTA - November 01, 2018
"By combining the gaucho origins and the eclectic and contemporary culture of Buenos Aires, Gaucho - Buenos Aires creates collections of prèt - â - porter clothing from indigenous noble materials and craft techniques that allow the development of original and representative pieces of contemporary expression of luxury."
Gaucho, The Spirit of Argentina
Numeral - November 01, 2018
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